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An effective application in combating addictive substance use: School social service

Alpha Psychiatry 2019; 20: Supplement 116-118
DOI: 10.5455/apd.302644874
Read: 109 Downloads: 64 Published: 01 April 2019

Substance abuse is an important social problem that world countries struggle for centuries. The social policies, which have developed for struggling with this social problem, differ in each country. While some countries try to manage substance abuse by appyling severe legal sanctions, some of them try to provide a supervised release. Such policies are related to the outcomes of substance abuse; in fact preventive studies which are related to process are just as important as those policies. Schools are convenient areas for applying preventive studies regarding many problems. School social work is an important study field in order to develop and apply school-based interven-tions for struggling substance abuse. Also, school social work is a field that is based on the best interests of the child and is aimed to conduct studies for removing the obstacles against academic, emotional and personal devel-opment. Knowledge, method, technic and skills of social work and its ethical principles are grounded in social work applications. In this study, school-based preventive interventions in context of school social work are examined. [Anadolu Psikiyatri Derg 2019; 20(0.200): 116-118]

EISSN 2757-8038