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Comparison of Cognitive Impairment Diagnosis Criteria in Clinical Settings: Conventional vs. Neuropsychological

Hye-Geum Kim, Younggyo Kim, Emily C. Edmonds, Mark W. Bondi

(Alpha Psychiatry 2024; 25: 212-219) DOI: 10.5152/alphapsychiatry.2024.231448

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Understanding the Impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences on Non-suicidal Self-Injury in Youth: A Systematic Review

Sadia Suhail Usmani, Meghana Mehendale, Mahnoor Yousif Shaikh, Sourav Sudan, Prathima Guntipalli, Lara Ouellette, Anem Sajid Malik, Naila Siddiqi, Namrata Walia, Kaushal Shah, Fahimeh Saeed, Domenico De Berardis, Sheikh Shoib

(Alpha Psychiatry 2024; 25: 150-164) DOI: 10.5152/alphapsychiatry.2024.231139

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The Syndrome of Irreversible Lithium-Effectuated Neurotoxicity: A Scoping Review

Koen Konieczny, Johan Detraux, Filip Bouckaert

(Alpha Psychiatry 2024; 25: 190-205) DOI: 10.5152/alphapsychiatry.2024.231460

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