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A case of partial androgen insensitivity presenting with psychiatric symptoms prior to the confirmation of the endocrinological diagnosis

Alpha Psychiatry 2011; 12: 307-308
Read: 541 Downloads: 375 Published: 01 August 2011

Androgen insensitivity is a male type pseudohermaphroditism where the afflicted has an XY karyotyope but is reared as a girl due to a defect in androgen use by the tissues. In this paper a partial androgen insensitivity case with comorbid bipolar mood disorder with psychiatric symptoms prior to the endocrinological diagnosis has been addressed in terms of the emergence of the psychiatric symptoms and the lack of exacerbations after the confir-mation of the partial androgen insensitivity. The contribution of the phenotype-genotype discrepancy, infertility, physical changes, gender anxiety and communication difficulties with the family to the traumatic diagnostic process in androgen insensitivity and the role of the psychosocial stress caused by this traumatic experience in the psychiatric presentation have been discussed. [Anadolu Psikiyatri Derg 2011; 12(4.000): 307-308]

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