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Socioeconomic status lower levels of parental knowledge about child abuse, neglect, experiences and discipline methods used

Alpha Psychiatry 2013; 14: 27-35
DOI: 10.5455/apd.35949
Read: 752 Downloads: 375 Published: 01 February 2013

Objective: The parents\' information about child abuse and neglect is insufficient in our society. The purpose of this study is families with low socioeconomic status to determine level of knowledge about child abuse and neglect, experiences, disciplinary methods used by children of families and the factors affecting them. Methods: Between February 2011-2012, Children\'s Clinic and Emergency Department admitted that the level of income below the poverty line in 1043 was the child\'s parent survey. Sociodemographic characteristics, parents\' level of knowledge about child abuse-neglect, and about their own childhood experiences, their thoughts and behaviors were recorded in the survey. Results: 17.7% of the parents\' have received information about child abuse-neglect, 43.2% has suffered neglect, and 37.6% has suffered abuse. Neglected and abused more frequently than the other group of parents \"of children that they deserve to be beaten from time to time\" was determinate. We asked ‘’How do you watch on an attitude of an experienced in the case of abuse?\" 68.6% of parents said consult official institutions’, 31.4% of parents said ‘family should be deal with a problem or saved within family’. 68.5% of the parents\' said does not threaten, 22.3% of families said threatened emotionally then 2.0% of families said threatened with physical punishment. With the increase of education level of parents an increase in the rate of parents who said ‘I don’t threatened’. We asked to parents ‘How to punish your children?’ 47.0% of families said not to punish, 32.4% of families said leaving deprived of favorite things. Parents that have undergone abuse and neglect prefer their children to a lesser extent to the punishment. Conclusion: The majority of neglect and abuse suffered by the parents and they think that they deserve punishment was the same group of children. Emotional and physical abuse in our society children are still being used as an education and disciplinary methods. Level of information on child abuse-neglect of the parents was the increasing levels of education. [Anadolu Psikiyatri Derg 2013; 14(1.000): 27-35]

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