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Examining the levels of self and ideal self perception of juvenile in terms of demographic and socioeconomic characteristics

Alpha Psychiatry 2012; 13: 59-66
Read: 541 Downloads: 350 Published: 01 February 2012

Objective: This study searches the levels of self and ideal self perception and the socio-economic levels of the children found guilty of a crime in houses for child care in Turkey. Methods: This study totally consists of 132 convicted child samples living in the houses for child care in Ankara, Izmir and Elazig in Turkey. The research data were gathered with a survey to determine the socioeconomic characteristics of the convicted children and Self-concept Scale for Lipsett Children. Findings: The general average of the scores the children got from the first part of the scale (self) is 3.61 and the general average they also got from the second part of the scale (ideal self) is 4.15. This shows that the levels of self perception of the children are lower than the levels of ideal self perception. Results of the analysis of variance indicate that there are meaningful differences in terms of many variables between the socioeconomic levels and self and ideal self perception levels of the children. [Anadolu Psikiyatri Derg 2012; 13(1.000): 59-66]

EISSN 2757-8038