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Reliability and Validity Study of the Turkish Version of the COVID-19 Peritraumatic Distress Index


Department of Biostatistics, Hatay Mustafa Kemal University School of Medicine, Hatay, Turkey


Department of Psychiatry, Hatay Mustafa Kemal University School of Medicine, Hatay, Turkey

Alpha Psychiatry 2021; 22: 237-243
DOI: 10.5152/alphapsychiatry.2021.21337
Read: 222 Downloads: 65 Published: 01 September 2021

Objective: The Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, affecting people worldwide, negatively affects the mental health of people. During this situation, accurate and reliable tools are needed to evaluate mental state. The aim of this study was to translate the COVID-19 Peritraumatic Distress Index (CPDI) into Turkish, and analyze it for validity and reliability.

Methods: The original form of the CPDI was translated into Turkish using the back translation method. It was then applied to over 400 individuals, randomly selected from patients and their relatives, between the ages of 18 and 70, who presented to the outpatient clinics of Mustafa Kemal University Research Hospital. Data were collected with a demographic data form. Exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses were done. Construct validity, item content validity index, and content validity were analyzed. Cronbach’s alpha vs. Spearman-Brown reliability analyses were done.

Results: Cronbach’s alpha coefficient for the CPDI was found to be 0.842, which is quite high. Cronbach’s alpha coefficient for the subscales ranged from 0.670 to 0.780. The Spearman- Brown reliability coefficient was 0.730. The confirmatory factor analysis revealed good fit indices (χ2/df = 1.94; root mean square error of approximation = 0.05; Comparative Fit Index = 0.93; Adjusted Goodness of Fit Index and Tucker-Lewis Index = 0.91). The mean total score was 27.26 (SD = 12.28), while the mean subscale scores ranged from 4.83 to 10.26.

Conclusion: The Turkish version of the CPDI is valid and reliable, and can be used in studies evaluating the COVID-19 peritraumatic stress.

Cite this article as: Karadağ M, Kokaçya MH. Reliability and validity study of the Turkish version of the COVID-19 Peritraumatic Distress Index. Alpha Psychiatry. 2021;22(5):237-243.

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