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Psychiatric disorders, self and family functions in adolescents with suicide attempts

Alpha Psychiatry 2011; 12: 280-286
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Objective: The aim of this study is to investigate the relationship between suicide attempt and self-image, do-mestic violence, psychiatric diagnosis and sociodemographic variables among adolescent outpatients attemted suicide. Methods: The 12-18 years old adolescents attempted suicide were included to study in Mersin State Hospital and Mersin University Hospital between February 2008 and 2009 years. Adolescents and their families were evaluated by child psychiatrists. Offer Self Image Questionnare (OSIQ), Child Depression Inventory (CDI), State Trait Anxiety Inventory for children (STAIC) were given to adolescents. Marital Adjustment Test (MAT) was given to their family. Psychiatric diagnosis and clinical severity of symptoms were evaluted according to DSM-IV criteria and Clinical Global Impression Scale. Sociodemographic variables were obtained both of patients and their families. Results: Cases of 16 (25%) were male, 48 (75%) were female. The mean of age was 15.5±1.7 years. Mood disorder was more common in females and conduct disorder was more common in males (p=0.004). The mean value of OSIQ was 288.9±60.3; MAT was 40.3±10.8; CDI was 17.7±9.3; STAI-state was 41.2±7.7 and STAI-trait was 38.5±12.6. Conclusion: In adolescence stage, these suicid attempts were associated with family and peer relationships and psychosocial factors in addition to self image. Consequently, it is essential for adoles-cents suicide attempt to evaluate multidimensional psychosocial factors. [Anadolu Psikiyatri Derg 2011; 12(4.000): 280-286]

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