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Prevalence and Patterns of Insomnia Symptoms Among People Aged 65 and Above in Guangdong Province, China


Guangdong Mental Health Center, Guangdong Provincial People's Hospital (Guangdong Academy of Medical Sciences), Southern Medical University, Guangdong, China


Southern Medical University, Second School of Clinical Medicine, Guangdong, China


Department of Psychology, Southern Medical University, School of Public Health, Guangdong, China


Zhuhai College of Science and Technology, School of Health, Guangdong, China

Alpha Psychiatry 2024; 25: 233-242
DOI: 10.5152/alphapsychiatry.2024.231458
Read: 243 Downloads: 168 Published: 26 April 2024

Objective: This survey investigated the prevalence, distribution, and correlative factors of insomnia symptoms among people aged 65 and above in Guangdong Province, China.

Methods: The Guangdong Mental Health Survey was conducted on the elderly in all 21 cities of Guangdong Province from September to December 2021. Multistage stratified cluster sampling was adopted, and 16377 adult residents were interviewed face-to-face, from which 4001 elderly participants aged 65 and above were included for this study. Complex weighted adjustment methods were applied to weight the data. Multinomial logistic regression was applied to test the independent associations of clinical insomnia symptoms (CIS) and subthreshold insomnia symptoms (SIS) with the factors.

Results: The pooled estimate of insomnia symptoms was 13.44% [95% confidence interval (CI): 12.2 %-14.7%]. The 1-month weighted prevalence of SIS and CIS were 11.15% (95% CI: 10.05%-12.37%) and 2.28% (95%CI: 1.77%-2.94%), respectively. Multinomial logistic regression analysis revealed that urban residence, irregular diet, low body mass index, chronic disease, napping 3-4/week, early changes in dementia, symptoms of subthreshold depression, subthreshold generalized anxiety, and generalized anxiety disorder were positively associated with SIS. Additionally, living in urban areas, having chronic diseases, symptoms of subthreshold depression, major depressive disorder, subthreshold generalized anxiety, generalized anxiety disorder were positively associated with CIS.

Conclusion: Insomnia symptoms, including CIS and SIS, were prevalent among the elderly in Guangdong Province. Given the high burden of CIS and SIS, policymakers and healthcare professionals must explore and treat the related factors accordingly.

Cite this article as: Liao D, Hu J, Ding K, et al. Prevalence and patterns of insomnia symptoms among people aged 65 and above in Guangdong province, China. Alpha Psychiatry. 2024;25(2):233-242.

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